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Mount Major Black Label 2009 Merlot Mount Major Black Label 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon Mount Major Black Label 2009 Cabernet Merlot
This wine is produced from premium quality grapes grown in selected vineyards in South Eastern Australia. This brick red wine has aromas of violets, beetroot and spicy chocolate. A rich wine with lots of preparation of raspberry and rich varietal berry fruit which are made more complex by ageing in barrels. The Ultimate of varieties, this wine displays a deep robust Vibrant purple colour which will develop further in time. This Mount Major Wine, Cabernet/Sauvignon is produced from top quality grapes grown on gentle sunny slopes in renowned wine growing regions of South eastern Australia. It has a blackcurrant, rich berry nose accompanied with a toasty Fine Oak flavour derived from ageing in high quality oak barrels. This extra smooth classic Australian red wine is ‘the ultimate of varieties’. By combining the Cabernet and  Merlot  Mount Major Wines combines the best characters of two wonderful wines.  Mount Major Wines Cabernet Merlot has an intense fruit flavour characterised by rich berry tones which is enriched by ageing in fine French and American oak barrels, thus adding complexity and  creating a lengthy palatable finish.
Mount Major Red Label Dolce Rosso Mount Major 2014 Heathcote Shiraz
A full bodied sweet red, yet subtly spritzy and refreshing full berried flavours, to be enjoyed with good friends and family. A great wine and very popular among new wine drinkers. This elite Heathcote Shiraz is a full bodied wine which has a pronounced ripe blackberry fruit and a hint of peppery flavours. The fruit is grown on the red stoney earth (Terra Rossa) on the undulating slopes of Heathcote in Central Victoria, Australia. With careful wine crafting and science, the wonderful fruit characters are captured and retained through to the bottle which are derived from soft dark berry Shiraz grapes, allowing a great lengthy palatable finish and soft tannins. Ageing in French & American Oak for 24 months imparts the wonderful cigar vanilla overtones in the Mount Major wine. To be enjoyed with all foods especially hearty meat dishes, also after dinner. Enjoy now or cellar up to 10 years and beyond.